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Our Mission and Ministry is to Share the Love of Jesus through Music and a message

Marty and Jules
“Spirit Power” is music created to feed the soul. It is worship, prayer, reflection and healing: a way to help the inner self encounter love. “Spirit Power” represents the journey of musicians/song writers Jules and Marty Rotella. Their inspired creations invite you along on your own journey to experience the love of Jesus. The brothers make a great team. Marty is the singer/songwriter/evangelist who presents their music and message to diverse audiences. Jules is the producer, taking the music and Marty’s vocals and creating the amazing sounds heard on their CDs and digital downloads found here. 
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5 days ago

Marty Rotella

We want to help! Let us know if we can help your church, organization or school.
God bless!
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Wonderful work Marty! Love you. Estela Ruiz

Love following spirit power!!! You are the best Marty Rotella!!!!

Hi! Marty! Miss ya!

3 weeks ago

Marty Rotella

“The Greatest Gift” God Bless
from “The Journey” with Marty Rotella
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God Bless both of you

Many blessing mr rotella

My mom and I used to listen to you all the time. Sadly she passed back in 04, but I still listen to your music and cry like a little baby.

God bless her

I love you Angie!!! So many of greatest memories from high school and maybe the best part of going to memorial for me was having the opportunity to hang out with you in the attendance office ☺️ all the laughs that we had!!! Angie!! You are the greatest!!! All my love to you beautiful 😉

God bless your beautiful mom . You are very lucky to have in your life enjoy her !

God bless her Marty! ❤

You are so blessed to have your mom. She is precious!

OMG, Mrs. Rotella. God Bless her . I have so many found memories of her . 🙏😘

Great message 🙏

Hey Marty thanks for sharing such a message from such a beautiful person there are so many more out there like her in their 80s and 90s in these days that need love and attention and the family thank you brother.

What a Blessing. Thank you for sharing Marty. 🙂

Wow Marty.....Beautiful😘💙😘💙😘.how are u? Been a very long time....

God Bless her🙏🏻💙

God is good🙏🙏🙏🙏

Your Mom raised a beautiful and caring family. God Bless her and your family.

God Bless you Mrs Rotella. We love you always. Your always in my prayers 🙏🌹


God Bless her

Amen Marty

Awwwwww...your mom is so sweet. Thanks for sharing Marty!

God bless you Mrs. Rotella. You have a lovely son (s) and I love his love for the Lord through his singing and piano playing. She's sweet, Marty.

God bless

Beautiful! My Mom lived until almost 94! So blessed are both of us to have our Mothers so long! Prayers for her and for her dedicated son!

Wow how blessed are you Marty. What a wonderful and holy Mum 👼 🙏❤️

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3 weeks ago

Marty Rotella

How can you do it?
God bless.
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4 weeks ago

Marty Rotella

Don’t let homelessness get you down! A powerful message from my new friend. God bless
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Norton Smikey

#malvernretreat #comeasyouare

You are so amazing Marty...always reaching out...God bless you both

Marty my friend, you amaze me every day!!! If only the world had half the good heart you have, we’d be in better shape!! Love ya brother, and god bless Cody!!

Hi, Marty! Thanks for posting this!! I’ll pray for him!🙏🙏🙏

God bless this young man. My heart goes out to him. I will certainly keep him in my prayers.

Good luck🍀🍀

So powerful Marty! Keeping Cody in my prayers. 🙏💖

howze this for "takin' it to the streets." my good friend, Marty Rotella/SPIRIT POWER MUSIC, who comes to Santa Fe almost every month to sing and share in NM.......... over 35 parishes so far in NM, and schools and senior citizen groups, etc..........

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